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Optical Lenses
Essilor is the world's leading manufacturer of spectacle lens, pioneering the development of a range of lenses and lens coatings to cater for a myriad of eyesight problems.
The name Essilor is synonymous with superior products all over the world. Much of this recognition owes itself to two major inventions: the progressive lens, Varilux®, which revolutionized correction for presbyopia; and the organic lens, Orma®, the first plastic ophthalmic lens. Today, Essilor manufactures one of every two progressive lenses and one of every three organic lenses sold around the world.
Essilor's dominating position is based on three assets: innovative, high-quality products, optimal worldwide structure that is highly reactive, teams designed to create synergies within their numerous specialties. Essilor sustains and reinforces its leadership over its international competitors through ongoing research in fields as varied as optics, physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering, as well as through significant industrial investments and activities tailored to fit each of its market.
HOYA is a global technology company and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products and services based upon its advanced optics technologies.
Hoya focuses on developing and manufacturing the finest quality ophthalmic lenses and the most advanced coating techniques and lens designs available to correct ophthalmic imperfections. Combining state-of-the-art technology with extensive knowledge and experience, Hoya offers its customers the perfect solution for any type of correction or fashion trend, meeting any budget. Exciting developments occur frequently and the Hoya product range is expanding all the time.
Carl Zeiss Vision is a worldwide leader in developing eyeglass lens designs, coatings and materials. Through intensive research and development, Carl Zeiss Vision continually creates innovative new products that bring better vision to people in all aspects of their lives -- all around the globe. Carl Zeiss Vision combines a wide range of different brands – each of them perfectly tailored to the specific demands of different market segments.
Through ZEISS, SOLA, AO and Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses product lines, ZEISS offer a complete range of ophthalmic lenses and coatings that meet the highest vision standards of patient care.